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Allergenic ingredients in our dishes

Fish and shellfish
Marennes d’Oléron Oysters / Whelk and Shrimp Plate / Seafood Platter / Mayonnaise (eggs + sunflower oil)

Fish and shellfish soup
Contains: Stick of Celery / Gluten / Celery / Crustacean (crab)

Pressed fresh goat's cheese
Contains: Pine nuts (terrine, Genovese pesto) / Lactose (goat's cheese) (liquid cream)

Foie gras cooked in a cloth
Contains: Glucose / Gluten / Celery / Traces of milk and eggs

Smoked salmon (small Nordic salad)
Contains: Lactose / Celery

Scallop millefeuille with Thai herbs and sweet black tea and sesame vinaigrette
Contains: Sesame / Soya / Raw scallops

Sole meunière and chard in meat juices
Contains: Pine nuts / Glucose / Egg / Wheat / Fish and Crustaceans

Grilled rib streak with nut butter and cep mushrooms
Contains: Nuts

Pavlova with seasonal fruits
Contains: Lactose

Hazelnut and crunchy crepe crème brûlée
Contains: Lactose Eggs / Nuts (hazelnuts)

Grilled leg of lamb
Contains: Glucose / Milk / Celery / Egg / Wheat

Baba au rhum fish and crustaceans
Contains: Lactose (liquid cream)

Roast back of cod
Contains: Soya

Home-made ice cream (pistachio, vanilla, chocolate)
Contains: whole milk (lactose) / Egg / Glucose

Scallops on Noilly leek fondue
Contains: Scallops / Wheat / Celery

Fillet of pollack in a mustard crust
Contains: Wheat (sandwich bread) / Glucose / Egg / Wheat / Celery / Fish and Crustaceans / Clams

Little cappuccino coffee / chocolate pot
Contains: Eggs / Whole Milk / Whipped Cream

Iced espuma with chicory, juniper syrup and ginger biscuit
Contains: Eggs / Liquid Cream (lactose) / Alcohol (juniper) / Wheat (ginger biscuit)

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